January Update

Happy New Year!

We are looking forward to a great year of providing clients with analysis information needed to make important executive decisions. We are excited about all of the new projects that are currently underway that will help us continue to meet the demands of our clients. Look for more information to come in 2016.  At Midwest Laboratories we take great pride in taking on new projects and challenges. These type of projects would not be possible without the input and feedback from our clients. Thanks again for your comments in 2015.

Are you looking for bid information for your project in 2016? Please consider taking a minute and telling us about your project. We will provide you with the information you need with respect to analysis. We take great pride in answering questions and giving our customers specific information with respect to analysis, (method, price, turnaround time)

The staff at Midwest Laboratories is here to serve your needs in 2016. We want to answer your questions, provide you with quality analysis and give you the reported information to help you grow your business. Consider talking to one of our experienced staff today.

Welcome to 2016!

Brent Pohlman | President

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