April Analysis Update

Welcome to April

April is a busy time for analysis. Many companies and individuals need analysis information to move forward with management decisions.
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Here are a few April reminders:



    • **New**GMO Analysis  Learn more about GMO Analysis (April 20, 2015)
    • Spring – Drinking Water Testing   Check out the analysis and consider buying a kit online or logging on with your Account/Password.
    • Soil Sampling Supplies  –  You can order supplies online with your Account/Password. There is a limited supply of soil probes. Please no large orders.
    • Sending in Soil Samples – PLEASE READ THE FOLLOWING 
      • Put soils in a trash bag before placing them in a box. This will help cut-down on the moisture leaking into the cardboard and will assure that your samples will make it without the box breaking.
      • Don’t stuff soils in a box. The weight combined with moisture can quickly tear the box during the shipping/handling boxing. (Be smart) 
    • Get the Midwest Labs App –  See link for Android and Apple Devices
    • Ask Questions – Please take a minute and send us your question on our Client Inquiry Page. 
    • Call for Quicker Answers  – 402-334-7770  – Call today and talk to a “live person”. 
    • Food Testing – Find out more about pet treats, shelf life testing and calorie counts/nutritional labels.
    • Soil Health Testing – Learn more about Midwest Laboratories Soil Health Analysis and Haney Test in these publications

Have a Great April

Midwest Laboratories Associates