October Analysis Update


Just released 10/19/2015 –  Midwest Laboratories Food Laboratory Newsletter – Fall 2015

That time of year for soil sampling, quality analysis checking and planning for 2016. If you have questions about analysis for today or in the future, please contact a representative at Midwest Laboratories.

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Fall Soil Testing 

Fall Soil Checklist  – Check it out! Lots of good reminders and contact information if you have questions.

Open Your Account Today – Opening an account is typically a same-day process. Each fall, the volume of new accounts increases. With your account, you are able to see all your results online and have reports delivered directly to your email address. In addition, your account allows you access to the Midwest Laboratories Mobile App. The process only takes a couple of minutes to complete online.

Stalk Nitrate Test – New bags for 2015! – Many growers have placed orders in the last part of August. Also, check out the Stalk Nitrate Blog Article for more information.

Soil Health Testing – This is a popular topic this fall.  Learn more about this topic in these featured publications: Soil Health Analysis and Haney Test

Soil Sampling Orders – With your account, you can order soil bags, soil probes, boxes and shipping labels online at your convenience.

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El Nino  – Weather this fall could be a factor, Read more in this article, “NOAA: El Nino Winter Impact” by Bryce Anderson, August 24, 2015

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