February Update

Winter is in Full Swing

This winter has been a barrage of different major storms across the country. At Midwest Laboratories we feel fortunate to be located in the middle of the country, (Omaha, Nebraska). We keep in close contact with our shipping couriers: UPS, FedEx, Spee-Dee and Contracted Companies. Typically, most samples are received before 11.00am. We have worked hard with our couriers to establish time frames that help us maintain our current turnaround times.

It should be stated, Midwest Laboratories is always open during regular business days regardless of the weather conditions. If you are ever wondering about the status of your sample analysis, consider downloading the Midwest Laboratories App for Android and Apple Devices.

Do you need bid information for an upcoming analysis project?   Consider taking a couple of minutes and submitting your bid information online.

It’s never too early to order supplies for your upcoming analysis project? Consider submitting a supply order today. Speak to a Midwest Laboratories Representative for more information.

At Midwest Laboratories, we continue to work hard to provide you with first-rate analytical and customer service. I would invite you and encourage you to talk to one of the members of our client services team and have your questions answered in a prompt manner.

Stay warm and safe this winter,

Brent Pohlman | President

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