Stalk Nitrate Bags (New for 2015)

August 20, 2015 – Stalk Nitrate Bags

Midwest Laboratories is adding a new sample supply bag just for stalk nitrate samples.

The new bags will help contain the stalk nitrate samples together and allow the sample id information to be attached to the particular bag.

The Stalk Nitrate Bags offer the following advantages:

  • More reliable bag for collection of samples  in the field.
  • Easier to package with less worries about packages falling apart
  • Sampling instructions are written directly on the bag
  • Space is provided for proper sample identification.
  • Bags use tie-string functionality to promote air movement into the bag.

Midwest Laboratories recommends samples be sent for analysis within 24 hours of sampling for best results. (Samples that sit out for extended periods could experience molding issues)

Orders for these bags can be placed online with account log-in and password. For more information checkout the Midwest Laboratories Stalk Nitrate Testing Brochure which will be included with each stalk nitrate bag order.

If you have any questions, please contact a Midwest Laboratories representative today.