September Update

Schools are in full session. Harvesting is getting an early start in a number of areas. Many Food Producers are looking to implement updates to their FSMA Plans. The fall football season has begun for college and professional teams. It is an exciting time of the year.

Food Testing


Midwest Laboratories is listed as a member of the Non GMO Project as an approved GMO Testing Laboratory.  Food Laboratory Representatives  are receiving a high volume of calls related to analysis needs with respect to FSMA Regulations. Also, the recent changes in nutritional labeling have been incorporated into the current nutritional labeling analysis. For more information about these programs contact Erin or Sue Ann at Midwest Laboratories

Environmental Testing

Midwest Laboratories continues to work closely with compost facilities, especially in areas where regulations are enforced. If you have some questions regarding compost testing, contact Rob or John at Midwest Laboratories.

Agriculture Testing

The ACRES Conference for Organic Growers is taking place November 30-December 1, 2016 in Omaha, Nebraska. If you plan on attending this conference, consider stopping by Midwest Laboratories. For more information about the conference, talk to Matt at Midwest Laboratories. 

Below is a checklist for those of you getting ready for fall soil sampling and soil testing.

Fall Soil Checklist

  • Placed order for soil bags Soil bags can be ordered free with a Midwest Laboratories Account – Opening an account takes 1-2 minutes
  • Placed order for soil boxes (up to 45 lbs maximum) – Order Online with a Midwest Laboratories Account
  • Determine the most appropriate soil testing package Soil Test Packages Online
  • Placed order for shipping labels (UPS, FedEx and Spee-Dee) – Contact a Client Service Team Member or Field Rep Member.
    Shipping Labels are $10.50 for UPS  and FedEx and $10.00 for Spee-Dee Delivery
  • Know how to submit soil samples online (auto-submit samples) – Contact a Client Service Team Member or Field Rep Member
  • Placed soil probe order – Pay by invoice with a Midwest Laboratories Account
  • Know account id and password for website and type your account number and password
  • Understand the soil analysis results – Review brochure Interpreting Soil Analysis in the Midwest Laboratories Library
  • Have nematode sample supplies ordered – Order online with your Midwest Laboratories Account
  • Would like to schedule visit with Midwest Labs Representative this Fall –Please contact the representative in your area
  • Stalk nitrate samples, refer to Soil memo 152 for interpretation and sampling procedures
  • Review sample submittal and reporting paramaters: Analysis Packages, Email Reports to, Data Analysis Formats – Talk to a Midwest Laboratories Representative for further clarification.
  • Soil Health Testing – Soil health continues to be a hot topic among growers. At Midwest Laboratories we have seen a nice increase in soil health testing over the past three years. If you want more information about soil health, check out these publications: Soil Health Analysis and Haney Test
  • Open Your Account Today – Opening an account is typically a same-day process. Each fall, the volume of new accounts increases. With your account, you are able to see all your results online and have reports delivered directly to your email address.

Need Bid Pricing for a Special Project? – Please fill out the following form and you will receive the information you need with respect to analysis and price.

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