Returning Visitor

Returning Visitor

1. Should I open an account?

A: You do not have to open an account with us in order to have your samples tested here. We accept all major credit cards except for Discover. We also accept cash or check in person only. We can run your samples through our cash account and send your results to you in the mail, by email, or fax. However, it may benefit you to open an account with us if you plan to send multiple samples in. Opening an account gives you online access to submit paperwork, order supplies, and view a history of all of your past reports. It also allows you to be invoiced every month instead of paying up front for every sample you send to us, and may also lead to a volume-based discount on your testing!


2. What is the correct sample size to send for testing?

A: Sample size depends on the test that you are requesting. Please consult with your Client Service Representative regarding sample size. If you do not know who your Client Service Representative is, just call us at (402) 334-7770 and we will transfer you to the right person for your specific type of sample. For soils and plants, our general rule is to send us 2 cups of sample.


3. I have a sample that I need to have results to me quicker than normal turn around time. Is there a process I must follow?

A: Yes, we have a program called the Circle R Program. This program is for all samples that need results rushed. In order to have your sample put through our Circle R Program, just call or email us when you know you are sending in a rush sample. We ask you to please provide your account number, sample type, requested analysis you would like to have done on your sample, and the requested turn around time. This will prompt us to generate paperwork that puts your samples into our system. This paperwork will be sent to you. Please place the submittal form inside the package with the samples and attach the “Circle R” on the outside of the package. This will alert our Receiving Department to get your samples out and to the correct lab right away so we can get your results to you by your requested date.


4. How can I pay for my analysis?

A: We take all major credit cards except for Discover card. We also accept cash or check in person only. If you open an account with Midwest Laboratories, you will be invoiced at the beginning of every month. You can pay your invoices by credit card online or over the phone. You can also send a check to Midwest Laboratories along with the pay stub from your invoice.


5. How can I see my results online?

A: You must have an account to see your results online. Just log in to your account on the main website and look under ‘Access My Data’ for the type of sample you have been set up for. Click on the type of sample you have been set up for and it will take you to a new screen where you can see a history of all of the data for the samples you have submitted. A list of the most recent reports will show up first. Click on the report number to find the data you are looking for. If you have an account and have not set up a password associated with your account, please call us at (402) 334-7770 and we will be happy to set one up for you.


6. Further questions? Visit our library of resources, send questions or comments to us here, or call us at (402)334-7770! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!