November Update

November is that time of year when we give thanks. It is also a big month with the upcoming national election. It will be an interesting month. Hopefully a safe one too.

In laboratory news, the start of November has been a warm and welcome one. Conditions are ideal for soil sampling and year-end nutrient applications.  Soil sample volumes have picked up substantially with the late harvest and above normal temperatures in the midwest. November is also an exciting time for Midwest Laboratories employees as we celebrate the grand opening of our newest laboratory. With year-end quickly approaching, our staff understands how critical analysis information is to our clients and we are working hard to provide quality analysis and timely results to our clients so they can make appropriate decisions based on this information.

Please also know that our Midwest Laboratories Associates understand the value of first-hand communication and we are here to answer your questions. Every time a client calls, we can put them in touch with a “live” person during regular business hours. Please take advantage of this service and make sure your analysis questions are answered in a timely manner.

Below are a few areas we would like to highlight for November.

Soil Testing

Soil testing season started late with the wet September conditions, but conditions for October and November are quite different and soil samples are being received in large numbers. Even with the high soil sample volumes, soil analysis results are being reported out in three days from the time they are received.

Grand Opening of  Microbiology Laboratory

On November 10, 2016, Midwest Laboratories will celebrate the opening of the current microbiology laboratory that has been actively in production for almost a month. This new, state-of-the-art laboratory is a welcome addition to Midwest Laboratories analysis in the areas of food and pet food. The new laboratory can help analysts separate different pathogens for analysis and helps reduce the risk of cross-contamination that can occur when working with multiple bacteria.  The new area is about ten times (10x) the size of its older laboratory facility.

The new microbiology laboratory will help position Midwest Laboratories with respect to new FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) regulations. Many food producers are working with outside laboratories as part of their preventive controls under the new FSMA regulations.

Food Testing

GMO analysis continues to be a popular analysis in our food laboratory. Midwest Laboratories uses droplet digital PCR technology with respect to its GMO testing. If you have a special food testing project, consider talking to Erin Smith to coordinate testing and appropriate pricing for your project. In the area of shelf life testing, Midwest Laboratories is adding additional shelf life chambers to assist larger clients with their shelf life testing projects.

Environmental Testing

November is typically a high-volume sampling month with respect to environmental sampling.   Midwest Laboratories is NELAP certified and maintains certification in several states. If you want more information for regulated environmental analysis, talk to a representative today.

Soil Testing Reminders

  • Placed order for soil bags Soil bags can be ordered free with a Midwest Laboratories Account – Opening an account takes 1-2 minutes
  • Placed order for soil boxes (up to 45 lbs maximum) – Order Online with a Midwest Laboratories Account
  • Determine the most appropriate soil testing package Soil Test Packages Online
  • Placed order for shipping labels (UPS, FedEx and Spee-Dee) – Contact a Client Service Team Member or Field Rep Member.
    Shipping Labels are $10.50 for UPS  and FedEx and $10.00 for Spee-Dee Delivery
  • Know how to submit soil samples online (auto-submit samples) – Contact a Client Service Team Member or Field Rep Member
  • Placed soil probe order – Pay by invoice with a Midwest Laboratories Account
  • Know account id and password for website and type your account number and password
  • Understand the soil analysis results – Review brochure Interpreting Soil Analysis in the Midwest Laboratories Library
  • Have nematode sample supplies ordered – Order online with your Midwest Laboratories Account
  • Would like to schedule visit with Midwest Labs Representative this Fall –Please contact the representative in your area
  • Stalk nitrate samples, refer to Soil memo 152 for interpretation and sampling procedures
  • Review sample submittal and reporting parameters: Analysis Packages, Email Reports to, Data Analysis Formats – Talk to a Midwest Laboratories Representative for further clarification.
  • Soil Health Testing – Soil health continues to be a hot topic among growers. At Midwest Laboratories we have seen a nice increase in soil health testing over the past three years. If you want more information about soil health, check out these publications: Soil Health Analysis and Haney Test

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