June Analysis Update

Welcome to Summer:

Hopefully, temperatures in your area are warming up. Many parts of the country have received an abundance of rain where other areas are still dry. This is the time of year when growers are getting ready for local food markets and community gardens are really taking off. In addition, many food producers are making changes with respect to upcoming FSMA regulations.

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Featured Analysis: Plants and Food


June is plant tissue analysis season. A large number of plants are received this time of year. It is very important to know which nutrients the plant is taking from the soil.

Food Testing is becoming increasingly popular area for food producers. The food lab is growing in the areas of GMO Testing, Protein, Calorie and Allergen Testing. If you have food-related questions, contact Erin Smith | Midwest Laboratories Food Manager



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Have a Great June!

~Brent Pohlman | Marketing Director