July Update

July is Here!

Welcome to July! Hope your 4th of July Celebration is a fun and safe one. We are approaching the half-way point of the summer. Crops are growing nicely. Temperatures so far have been quite warm. At Midwest Laboratories, analysis continues to remain high in the areas of soil, plants, foods and water. Check out some special promotions and information happening this summer at Midwest Laboratories.


GMO Testing is very popular this summer!
Many companies are looking into GMO Testing for verifying the quality of their ingredients.
If you want to learn more, consider learning more about GMO Test Options at Midwest Laboratories.






Order your Stalk Nitrate Bags today.
Learn more about stalk nitrate testing and order your bags today. This test looks at nitrogen levels in the plant just before harvest.




FedEx has some great savings for Midwest Laboratories’ clients.
Many customers are looking at FedEx Ground with its free pickup incentive along with overnight shipping of shipments 10 pounds or less for some real savings.
See if this program can help you with your sample shipping requirements. If you have a Midwest Laboratories Account, click here to have your labels ordered and shipped to you.
FedEx Program and start taking advantage of these savings today.





Check Out These Analysis Programs and Savings

  • Looking for a Soil Test for Your Yard or Garden? Lawn and Garden Test  
  • Learn more about     GMO Analysis at Midwest Laboratories
  • Testing for Lead in Water  A closer look at the issue and option for analysis.
  • Pet Treat | Home-baked Treat Producers –  Have Questions, send them to our representatives who can assist you. Email:
  • Need Pricing and Analysis Information for a Special Project? – Please fill out this form and you will receive the information you need with respect to analysis and price.

We welcome your questions and feedback. Most of our major projects are the results of conversations with our clients. Please consider sending us your comments. You can submit your feedback online.  This is a busy time for Mother’s Day and end of school year activities and we appreciate your business. 

Brent Pohlman | President

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