August Update

This is a busy time of the year. Kids are getting ready to go back to school. Presidential conventions are behind us with the election just months away. Before you know it summer will be over and fall will be here.

Food Testing continues to remain strong. 

Many food companies are taking the lead in areas affecting them like the new nutritional labeling standards (Midwest Laboratories can produce the new labels).  Sensory, Food Allergen and GMO Testing also remain strong. We are also seeing an increase in homemade pet food treats and home-baked goods samples for shelf life testing and nutritional content. If you are trying to take your food item to market, talk to one of our representatives. If you are looking at GMO testing, Midwest Laboratories offers the most current technology in this area.

In addition, some exciting news is coming in September with respect to microbiology testing. Stay tuned for more information in the weeks ahead.

Sampling supplies – Time to get your order in. 

This year, soil bags and stalk nitrate bags are being sent out to clients in bulk. Now is the time to get your order in for fall sampling. Also consider looking at shipping options. FedEx has free pickup if you have a Midwest Laboratories account as well as online scheduling for your convenience. Order your pre-printed return shipping labels today.

Soil Health Testing – Soil health continues to be a hot topic among growers. At Midwest Laboratories we have seen a nice increase in soil health testing over the past three
years. If you want more information about soil health, check out these publications:
 Soil Health Analysis and Haney Test

Open Your Account Today – Opening an account is typically a same-day process. Each fall, the volume of new accounts increases. With your account, you are able to see all your results online and have reports delivered directly to your email address.

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