2015 Fall Soil Sampling Checklist

Soil Testing | Soil Sampling

Midwest Laboratories | 402-334-7770 |

  Placed order for soil bags Soil bags can be ordered free with a Midwest Laboratories Account – Opening an account takes 1-2 minutes

  Placed order for soil boxes (up to 45 lbs maximum) – Order Online with a Midwest Laboratories Account

  Determine the most appropriate soil testing package Soil Test Packages Online

 Placed order for shipping labels (UPS, FedEx and Spee-Dee) – Contact a Client Service Team Member or Field Rep Member.
Shipping Labels are $10.50 for UPS  and FedEx and $10.00 for Spee-Dee Delivery

√  Know how to submit soil samples online (auto-submit samples) – Contact a Client Service Team Member or Field Rep Member

√  Placed soil probe order – Pay by invoice with a Midwest Laboratories Account

√  Know account id and password for website and type your account number and password

 Understand the soil analysis results – Review brochure Interpreting Soil Analysis in the Midwest Laboratories Library

 Have nematode sample supplies ordered – Order online with your Midwest Laboratories Account

 Would like to schedule visit with Midwest Labs Representative this FallPlease contact the representative in your area

Stalk nitrate samples, refer to Soil memo 152 for interpretation and sampling procedures

√ Review sample submittal and reporting paramaters: Analysis Packages, Email Reports to, Data Analysis Formats – Talk to a Midwest Laboratories Representative for futhter clarificaiton.

Key Soil Contacts

Client Service Representatives, Ken Pohlman, John Menghini
Phone: 402-334-7770 |  

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Field Service Representatives by Location
Phone: 402-334-7770

Eastern and Central Nebraska, Western Iowa – Tim Mundorf
Send Email to Tim

Iowa, Northern Missouri, Illinois Indiana – Joe Thelen
Send Email to Joe

Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas – Jim Grilliot
Send Email to Jim

Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, Michigan – Jim Fasching
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Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana – Don Coash
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Western Nebraska, Colorado, Wyoming – Bud Gillespie
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